How to avoid pregnancy without condom and contraceptives or pills

We all know that pregnancy causes only when man semen enters the uterus and a successful ovulation occurs. We have to keep in mind that the safest way is to discharge the sperms outside the female genital or not let them enter the uterus. So, just discharge them outside or calculate the time that is considered as danger period , the 7 to 15 days from last menstrual period (LMP).

Another process to avoid pregnancy is to stand up the woman immediately after his discharge and wash the semen so that it may not get sufficient time to enter the uterus. Thus you may avoid unwanted pregnancy and get rid of chemical side reactions of contraceptives or birth control pills and he can enjoy a satisfying intercourse without the hassle of disturbing condoms.


But, keep in mind that you should practice this pregnancy avoiding technique only with same partner, if you are having many partners, it may be just an unsafest and killing idea as it may causes AIDS and others sexually transmitted diseases (STD). So, just have a loyal sexual relation and don’t play multimedia!

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