How to establish your own fashion house easily?

Clothing is one of the major basic needs of human from the early ages and now it come with different approach which is called design. With increasing population day by day, the demand of clothing is also increasing so as the designs. The design of clothing with respect to geography, society and even the taste of individual are represented by fashion. So, fashion with clothing ground gets fulfilled by footwear, jewelry and other accessories. So, as a fashion designer you need to have an over all idea on modern trend of clothing and styles with respect to your surrounding.

After the knowledge of Fashion, you need to understand the market of your operation. You don’t need to have a shop in a fancy market of your town; rather your home or living place could be the best venue for a good start. You first watch some recent designs and


pick some of them to construct by little or more modifying them as you wish. Draw your dress designs or even make them and show the designs or readymade garments to your neighbors or friends to know their comments and inputs. This is your first survey and pre-launch marketing of your collections to your niche market. Now, note all the comments and inputs from your dear ones and attempt the collections to be materialized for your home boutique.

You have already got an idea that which type of clothing you are going to construct, i.e. the category, the cloth price range etc. Before start collecting your raw materials, you should know where the bulk cloth is being sold. The same thing for the other materials

Like yoke, thread, colorful stones, pattern papers and other stuffs necessary for your design. You also should find the cost effective cutting masters and sew masters for cutting and sewing the dresses. You also have a source of workers who will support you for hand stitch, dyeing and other necessary processes as you need.

Now construct your garments and invite your relatives, friends and everyone you know to visit your collections. Also keep in mind that, you always ask them about the collections, their likes and dislikes so you can get the right fashion for them. Custom made dresses will be an extra advantage for you to retain your customers and thus you will gather a huge experience to understand customers’ choice.

After everything okay, you concentrate on your pricing. Calculate all costs and expenses and present your customers cost effective fashion, a feel good factor to you as you enjoy a good start up. Also set up a sales target that will take your business forward.

As Fashion is very dynamic subject, so always keep watching current movies, serials, magazines etc and discuss fashion people that will help you present customers some exclusive collections. Best of Luck.

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