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We all love beautiful dresses that make us look beautiful. But, if you make them yourself, that will be more enjoyable. In this article we will discuss how to take measurements, choosing material and construct garments.

1st have your body measurements recorded which will be base of your dress making. To take your body measurements you need a measuring tape and a person who will measure the lengths.
Before taking the measurements, you need to know which parts of your body should be measured. In the body measurement the following parts should be taken in consideration- Shoulder, Chest, Waist, Hip, Arm Hole, Neck,  Sleeve Length, Trouser Length, Shirt / Tunic Length.

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To get the measurement of someone’s shoulder, measure the distance of the two bones at the shoulder ends. This distance is usually 14 to 16 inches.  Now note the distance vertically just half of the shoulder length, it is your chest position. Measure your chest size by wrapping the tape along the breasts (horizontally) at their fullest part. This size is usually 35 to 38 inches.  Now get the position of your waist by placing the tape vertically from the shoulder which usually ranges from 13.5 to 15.5 inches. At this waist point, wrap the tape as you did for chest measurement. Note your waist circumference.  Your hip line is just 6 to 7 inches down from the waist line. Note your hipline position from the waistline and get your hip circumference as previous measurements. Now note the top length from your shoulder and note that your top’s bottom width will be 3-4 inches plus your hip size.  To get your trouser size get the distance from your waist line to the feet or as you wish. Sleeve length will be the length from the shoulder and the hem and the neck size shoulder is the distance between two edges of neck on the shoulder. 
The depth of the neck is measured from the edge of the neck from shoulder and the vertical line along middle of the chest which is usually 7 inches depth. 
Spread your hand horizontally and measure the circumference of the circle between your armpit and shoulder. Always keep in mind that place your finger just between your skin and the measuring tape for the accurate measurements. Now note attentively the vertical positions and horizontal circumference measurements which will be your pattern base.
Pattern on Paper:

To make the pattern of your dress according to your body size, take a wider sheet of paper and fold it along the long side. Now you get the folded page one side open and other side closed. Place the folded paper sheet on the table such a way that the closed side is nearest to you, i.e. along the table edge. Now from the measurement note book first draw a half inch line as a reference line at any side along the width of the paper. On this line, point the length just half of shoulder. Now move towards the length of the paper at a equal length of half shoulder, point it out. From this point draw a vertical line and from the bottom of this line point the length just half of the chest length +1 inch; this is your chest part of the cloth. Now from the same reference line point out the waist, hip and length distance and get the measurements of respective parts by just half of the measurements plus 1 inch. Now by a shape card scale joint the points and you will get the pattern for your tunic or Kameez. Note that you need cut the cloth at distance of one inch from the original pattern size for sewing. So enjoy your own Tunic, Kameez, Tops made by you.


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