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How to Repair Damaged Skin with Essential Oils

We know that the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous are the three layers that our skin is composed with. The basic

How to avoid pregnancy without condom and contraceptives or pills

We all know that pregnancy causes only when man semen enters the uterus and a successful ovulation occurs. We have

How to establish your own fashion house easily?

Clothing is one of the major basic needs of human from the early ages and now it come with different

How to make your own Tops, Kameez or tunic? Measurements and Patterns.

We all love beautiful dresses that make us look beautiful. But, if you make them yourself, that will be more

কিভাবে মাপবেন আপনার স্তন-এর সাইজ?

মজার বিষয় হলো অনেক মেয়েরাই নিজের মাপ জানেন না। ফলে সঠিক মাপের ব্রা নিয়ে দ্বিধা দ্বন্দ্বে পড়ে যান। নিচের পদ্ধতি