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About us

aaina TV is a publishing project of aaina Digital Media. Anyone, aged over 13, can register and share their contents. aaina TV is in Digital commercial content creation and publishing business since 2014 and in the marketing communication industry since 2001.

Any content except the humiliation, insult, controversial issues, against religion, cast, ethnicity, community or plagiarism can be published here. aaina TV is not responsible for published content by content creators. For any theft and controversial contents are subject to local jurisdiction of the author. We don’t provide and legal support for this.


Our authors or content creators are rewarded with monetization facilities. Usually Pay Per Thousand policy is applied for monetization reward, i.e. creators will be paid for per thousand view their every post gets.

Our detail payment policy is coming soon. within July 1st week we may avail popular payment gateways and Bank Transfer.

We don’t provide content conceptions, edit or republishing facilities for content creators or authors